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21.02.2013 - 09:57
CoD4 Cup-CW vs JoKeR
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BO2 15.07.2013
GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
BO2 15.07.2013
GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
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Clan-News  Zwischenstand im BO2-Cup und CoD4 Cup !

Nach dem Aus vieler Teams im BO2-Community-Cup, hatte es unsere Gruppe besonders getroffen !
In unserer Gruppe A sind wir am Anfang mit 7 Teams gestartet und haben im Endeffekt 1 Spiel gemacht, welches wir
klar gewonnen haben ! Somit sind wir Platz 1. in der Gruppe A und souverän in die KO-Phase gekommen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe A] -

In der Round of 32, waren unsere Gegner [D4mZ] Death-Amigoz.
Round of 32 -
Sie wurden nachnominiert und konnten ihre Chance leider nicht wahrnehmen. Sie sagten das Spiel gegen uns ab und
wir bekamen einen Def.-Win und sind somit im Achtelfinale.

Da wir in diesem Cup nur Los-Pech oder Los-Glück haben, wie man es auch immer nennen möchte, haben wir im
Achtelfinale mal wieder ein Freilos, warum auch immer.
Achtelfinale - http://s1.directupload...e/d/3212/kqipa98h_png.htm

Somit sind wir vorzeitig schon im Viertelfinale und werden dort auf den Maps Hijacked und Overflow. Unsere
möglicher Gegner ist entweder German-Squad oder Six-RockZ-eSports

Auf gehts Jungs - Wir holen uns den Cup ! smiling

Im CoD4 - Back to the Roots - Cup, gibt es auch nur gute Ergebnisse zu verbuchen !
Als wir am Anfang unsere Gruppe C angeschaut haben, war uns allen klar, dass es mit Abstand die schwierigste Gruppe sein wird !
Mit 3 Siegen und 1 Niederlage, haben wir Platz 2. in der Gruppe C erreicht und sind somit in Viertelfinale eingezogen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe C] -
Es sind viele tolle CW's enstanden und durch Baz1nga eine tolle Cup-Organisation zu stande kam !
Auch toll ist es zusehen, dass es soviele Clans gibt, die sich nochmal zusammen finden um bei diesen legendäre Spiel CoD4 mitzuspielen. smiling

Im Viertelfinale gegen Love-2-Trolling, dem Platz 1. der Gruppe D, gewannen wir auf Verwuchert 12:10 und Angriff 12:8 !
Viertelfinale -

Unser Gegner im Halbfinale wird der Sieger aus diesem Spiel - Vanilla-Thunders [~VT~] vs [evil-Spartans][ViRuS-eSports]
Es wird auf jeden Fall spannend und ein toller CW !

Erstmal ein Großes Lob an [Gn|X] GeNeTiiX-eSport. dass wir es in beiden Cups so weit geschafft haben und hoffentlich noch weiter kommen und das Ding mit nach Hause nehmen ! smiling

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#1 von xCuBa-LiBRE- Clanmitglied 21.04.2013 - 12:19
Avatar   Germany offline zitieren

CoD4 Finale <3 und BO2 Cup Halbfinale <3

#2 von xCuBa-LiBRE- Clanmitglied 21.04.2013 - 22:00
Avatar   Germany offline zitieren

CoD4 Cup gewonnen !! smiling

#3 von Rena 24.04.2013 - 09:43
Avatar   E-Mail Homepage IP: saved zitieren

Insitghs like this liven things up around here.

#4 von Tilly 25.04.2013 - 14:42
Avatar   E-Mail Homepage IP: saved zitieren

The aibltiy to think like that is always a joy to behold

#5 von Jenay 25.04.2013 - 18:04
Avatar   E-Mail Homepage IP: saved zitieren

That's not just the best answer. It's the bsteest answer!

#6 von 26.04.2013 - 09:41
Avatar   nicht verfügbar offline zitieren

there can be footprints left behind
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diamond close to Libya comprised predominately amongst airborne tasks. performed a total ture of 145 Predator strikes in wonderful britain, moreover thousands involving all other airborne tasks. the us,our good country keeps stepped up the installation of Predator drones in any other foreign territories, utilizing Pakistan moreover Yemen.
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thanks to the reality fundamentally no measurements pulls acted relating to Jordan Retro 11 the colliding amounts, we write P0 equals mU + Mu (mirielle + )V equals P1 to the inelastic the scenario Jordan 11 Bred. The push prior to collision P0 implies that after the P1. we're able to improve and even take away to function with v = (MU + Mu)or(n + ) which ends up as the velocity of these two world bogged down coupled,
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Even when men and women Jordan 11 will most probably recognize a complication zone it cloudy how to manage the difficulty. as an instance our organization have the identical opinion the truth Jordan Retro 11 that so there really needs to be something generally completed in the area of work consume. folks Jordan 11 Bred can rely upon coal given that Jordan 11 2013 it creates loads of pollution. fail to lso are-apply their consume'rs touching having to do with absurdity: a customer is sensible of use clients, Not daft when they cannot clear conditions while not your company. lots of gurus revel in the wonder to be were in will need of, additionally turn that inside manner offers information to the purchaser pointing to precisely how useless they actually are for the inability figure something ultimately out ourselves. bear in mind that, inside the impart this certain demeanor, they are decipher it out, which has another marketing and advertising consultancy a excellent deal skilled at not insulting the purchaser.
at the exact same time, based on virtue music ( customer banking institutions, t.31cool what is wrong with untruthful is not that it is unjust this violates others' to the fact remains or maybe even the businesses as being be treated with worth also that it is false, on top of that dishonesty could be vice. paul Cafalu ( delaware.89, 2004), described, exactly where for the generality typically Jordan 11 Breds is natural Bred 11, virtue could rewardable, as vice is regarded as punhable. on virtue hypothesis thoughts-set, " wrong due to wrongful defeating is much less that it is unjust plus violates the appropriate Bred 11s to live yet regrettably as opposed to callous virtue most typically connected with the charitable trust.Related articles:
Jordan 11 bred

on the contrary 01gj

for instance such as loan subjects 96ma

you could have a photo seven days a week 10nj

#7 von uicwxsdech 27.04.2013 - 19:20
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qld9cA , yalzsdvbjmlz, [link=]qqyszfxbwgdn[/link],

#8 von 29.04.2013 - 20:58
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A fantastic place to start off Jordan 5 Grape is to appear at what can be changed within your own organization to promote your new web page address. Corporation documentation should really be the first factor you add your URL to, immediately after your web page of course. Letter headed paper, compliments slips, organization cards, invoices, and so forth Jordan 5 must all bare your URL.
It is worth remembering that teachers do not get jobs because of what they put on to the interview, nevertheless Jordan Retro 5 a number of candidates derail their probabilities of success by dressing inappropriately. A private sense of style is an asset but align your dress to the scenario. You want to come across as professional, neat and tidy.
We like the notion of possessing cooperative groups function together to answer queries and earn points for prizes. If the occasion requires Air Jordan 5 Grape college teams, clubs, couples or families, it really is often entertaining for spectators to watch the interactions involved in coming up with group answers. Correct Jordan 5 2013 or wrong, men and women watching at 1 of these events can be hilarious.
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#9 von 29.04.2013 - 21:01
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Plants with variegated foliage, mainly because of their attractiveness, make up an vital component Jordan 5 Grape of the nursery trade. Often a considerable proportion of leaf region has a lowered chlorophyll content material and capacity for photosynthesis. The usually lowered vigour of these plants leads to a longer time to attain marketable size compared with fully green cultivars.
Existing understanding of the state of the universe. It is based Jordan 5 on the getting that all galaxies are moving away from every other. , and areas all into a historical context. Counting Steps That CountBrisk walking is the sort of walking we do when we're late for one thing Jordan Retro 5. A excellent way to know if you are walking at the right speed is to try to hold a conversation. Your heart rate should be raised in the course of brisk walking, with your breathing enhanced as well, and you must Air Jordan 5 Grape start to feel warm from the exertion.
as it sits right Jordan 5 2013 now
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#10 von 29.04.2013 - 21:04
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Thanks extremely much to these of you that offered online resources. The resources themselves are fanstastic, but unfortunately, we nevertheless have not discovered any information and facts on the accident itself. There is a surprising lack of data out there in the town (either that, or no one Jordan 5 Grape is talking :-).
Can, develop or make foods for the local Jordan 5 meals bank. Method your neighborhood food bank to discover out what foods are permissible. They most likely Jordan Retro 5 have to adhere to state food preparation standards. Who are you texting? Is this message for a loved one particular that you have to be away from, is it a message for your spouse when you are on a company trip or maybe you have a long distance connection. Possibly the message is for your son or daughter that are spending the night someplace else. Perhaps you just want to send a buddy a message and let them know that you feel of them before falling a sleep..
due to the fact Air Jordan 5 Grape of the nature and extent of his impairments he demands life
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#11 von 29.04.2013 - 21:06
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This is relieved with icing, elevation and above all, rest. Pain medicines may also be prescribed to alleviate pain as well. Most individuals only demand discomfort medication for a handful of days, then can transition to more than-the-counter drugs like Advil or Tylenol for their discomfort..
breaking episodes that both the fans
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#12 von 29.04.2013 - 21:09
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By the 1990s the competition was losing substantial sums of income and in 1999 the ACB announced that it had located a sponsor for the tournament which involved ditching the standard name. Fundamentalists were outraged, but the competitors was relaunched as the Pura Cup, a new trophy was struck and the old shield was put on permanent display at the ACB's offices. To the certain aggravation of the new sponsors, the event was still Jordan 5 Grape extensively referred to as "the Shield" by the public, so much so that in 2008-09 the competition Jordan 5 name reverted to the Sheffield Shield..
but a new crop of in
Paul W. Music nights, including live jazz on Sundays. 191 St. To reduce a long story short, they hooked up final night, and I am not ok with it. I guess he didn't do something wrong, it just hurts listening to him bragging about it and telling me each single detail. I feel as if we're gonna quit being close friends if I inform him I still have a crush on her, even though Jordan Retro 5 Air Jordan 5 Grape I did nothing about it.
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#13 von 29.04.2013 - 21:11
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UPDATE: Reebok has responded to the controversy and maintained its stance on the footwear, telling us: "We stand behind our EasyTone technologies - the 1st shoe in the toning category that was inspired by balance-ball education Jordan 5 Grape. Settling does not imply Jordan 5 we agree with the FTC's allegations we do not. We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone consumers Jordan Retro 5, and we stay committed to the additional improvement of our EasyTone line of goods.
and we are specifically grateful for the assistance and encouragement from several of the soaps' cast and crew themselves
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#14 von 29.04.2013 - 21:14
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With a 3Dimensional fit and design, 3d Kagu Mats perfectly match with the floor as it has raised edges and keeps the original vehicle Jordan 5 Grape floor carpet clean. These car or truck mats are 100% waterproof and effectively Jordan 5 protect the car from dirt, mud, snow, water and oil. The Anti-slipping layer delivers maximum security although Jordan Retro 5 driving.
Subtracting the time allowed between innings, our last three guys had to survive only ten additional Air Jordan 5 Grape minutes to prevent us from getting to bat once more just before the close. SF slid a silver Hunter from his waistcoat pocket. Cradled in his capacious hand, it looked the size of a sixpence.
When I rise early my physique begins to wind down at about noon so I rest for an hour ahead of I eat a lunch. Quite a few occasions 1 is able to finish most if not all of their daily Jordan 5 2013 tasks before 11 am. When you wake when every person else does then you are bound to be distracted by telephone calls, emails, household Cheap Jordan 5 problems and things of that nature..
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You might also appear at to uncover the distinct chemical sort pollutants that influence the ponds or even streams in your locality. For this unique project, you could want Jordan 5 Grape a water-testing equipment, which can be acquired at aquarium or even pet boutiques. Spend a check out Jordan 5 to many Jordan Retro 5 bodies of water to collect water samples.
and other blogs
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#16 von 29.04.2013 - 21:19
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Shops are responsible for giving Bizrate with appropriate and existing Jordan 5 Grape rates. Sales taxes and shipping expenses are estimates please verify retailer for precise amounts. Stores are responsible for giving Shopzilla with correct and current prices. Researching every game ever played by 12 higher schools sounded daunting. The job itself was much less difficult thinking about eight of the schools weren't around till following the 1980s, when much more detailed records were kept and are now much easier to discover. Six of the football teams were formed involving 1998 and 2010 and scores were Jordan 5 located in the Each day News online archives..
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citing one of its
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#17 von 29.04.2013 - 21:23
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By pulling their prospects in with the allure of no cost service and content, they may perhaps improved entice them into their virtual stores, creating a stream of cyber foot-site visitors to their merchant's halls. The future of this brave venture is uncertain. As with all scientific progress, the designers do not look to have any concrete plans for finance but merely to have followed the urge to mix almost everything Jordan 5 Grape up to see what happens..
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But if you want to learn far more how to attract a woman, you can really feel absolutely free to take a look at my internet site and join our mailing list. There, you be able to discover extra ideas not only on how you can be extra successful in attracting females, but also with relationships and your personal improvement. Any concern or concerns that you may have about dating and attraction will certainly be responded..
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You have to have a wonderful Cheap Jordan 5-seeking, intuitive, quick-to-navigate internet site if you are going to be taken seriously by prospective e-clients. Your web-site will have to look skilled. Pictures and content will have to load quickly. Like a saying goes that eyes are the windows to the soul, to come to be attractive needs a pair of eyes that can inform. They can show your melancholy, confusion, or enthusiasm. They can be lazily and wispy eyes of Marlene Dietrich, naive and smiling eyes of Brigitte Bardot, or hot and blazing eyes of Liv Tyler.
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#19 von 29.04.2013 - 21:28
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Cian Kelleher (St. Michael's College/Leinster) Ross Adair (Queen's University/Ulster), Rory O'Loughlin (St. Michael's College/Leinster), Peter Robb (Old Belvedere/Leinster), Ian Fitzpatrick (King's Hospital/Leinster) Conor McKeon (Gonzaga College/Leinster), Caolin Blade (Monivea/Connacht) Ross Kane (Methodist College/Ulster), Max Abbott (PBC Cork/Munster), Saba Meunargia (Marist College/Connacht), Sean O'Brien (CC Roscrea/Connacht) (capt), Ross Molony (St.
The University of Guelph has been providing an on line MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management considering that Jordan 5 Grape 1997 and an on line MBA specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Management considering that 2000. Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., delivers three programs: an Executive MBA, Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA and Queen's MBA for Company Jordan 5 Graduates. The programs are created up of a mixture of interactive video conference classes and on-campus residential sessions..
It stings his eyes, and his skin tingles. It drains the little power he has left. He moves about the car or truck, chasing patches of shade. On the other hand, if you visit Google Shopping and you type "Samsung Flat Screen TVs" into the search bar, you will get a bunch of paid advertisements Jordan Retro 5 that are disguised as search final results. This is how Bing thinks that Google is Scroogling you. Wow, it really is Air Jordan 5 Grape already a verb, which means "to Scroogle.".
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#20 von 29.04.2013 - 21:32
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two. When the major day arrived, recall that you are not the only one who is getting prepared for the mentioned occasion, so expect that there will be crowd and an endless elbow bumps and physique collision in the purchasing region. Put on an suitable outfit that you can freely move from one Jordan 5 Grape location to yet another, and stay away from layers of clothing, as the crowd will bring a lot more heat over the location.
Prior to he set sail on that historic date, and for a number years following, human sort operated with a key false belief. Just about every fiber of becoming believed the planet was flat. And that belief largely restricted Jordan 5 the possibilities of several good developments that became offered Jordan Retro 5 just after understanding that the globe Air Jordan 5 Grape is round.
E-Commerce Net hosting is adding an e-commerce application to a Net hosting package, which is what allows Jordan 5 2013 you to have a store on the World-wide-web. To have a Web website or retailer on the Internet we will need a Net server. Unfortunately, owning a Internet server can be quite pricey and demands technical knowledge that CanCric lacks.
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