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02.04.2013 - 15:49
AeS-Cup steht vor de..
21.02.2013 - 09:57
CoD4 Cup-CW vs JoKeR
10.02.2013 - 22:25
2 neue Ligen in der ..
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BO2 15.07.2013
GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
BO2 15.07.2013
GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
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GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Elite Revolutionists


Clan-News  Zwischenstand im BO2-Cup und CoD4 Cup !

Nach dem Aus vieler Teams im BO2-Community-Cup, hatte es unsere Gruppe besonders getroffen !
In unserer Gruppe A sind wir am Anfang mit 7 Teams gestartet und haben im Endeffekt 1 Spiel gemacht, welches wir
klar gewonnen haben ! Somit sind wir Platz 1. in der Gruppe A und souverän in die KO-Phase gekommen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe A] -

In der Round of 32, waren unsere Gegner [D4mZ] Death-Amigoz.
Round of 32 -
Sie wurden nachnominiert und konnten ihre Chance leider nicht wahrnehmen. Sie sagten das Spiel gegen uns ab und
wir bekamen einen Def.-Win und sind somit im Achtelfinale.

Da wir in diesem Cup nur Los-Pech oder Los-Glück haben, wie man es auch immer nennen möchte, haben wir im
Achtelfinale mal wieder ein Freilos, warum auch immer.
Achtelfinale - http://s1.directupload...e/d/3212/kqipa98h_png.htm

Somit sind wir vorzeitig schon im Viertelfinale und werden dort auf den Maps Hijacked und Overflow. Unsere
möglicher Gegner ist entweder German-Squad oder Six-RockZ-eSports

Auf gehts Jungs - Wir holen uns den Cup ! smiling

Im CoD4 - Back to the Roots - Cup, gibt es auch nur gute Ergebnisse zu verbuchen !
Als wir am Anfang unsere Gruppe C angeschaut haben, war uns allen klar, dass es mit Abstand die schwierigste Gruppe sein wird !
Mit 3 Siegen und 1 Niederlage, haben wir Platz 2. in der Gruppe C erreicht und sind somit in Viertelfinale eingezogen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe C] -
Es sind viele tolle CW's enstanden und durch Baz1nga eine tolle Cup-Organisation zu stande kam !
Auch toll ist es zusehen, dass es soviele Clans gibt, die sich nochmal zusammen finden um bei diesen legendäre Spiel CoD4 mitzuspielen. smiling

Im Viertelfinale gegen Love-2-Trolling, dem Platz 1. der Gruppe D, gewannen wir auf Verwuchert 12:10 und Angriff 12:8 !
Viertelfinale -

Unser Gegner im Halbfinale wird der Sieger aus diesem Spiel - Vanilla-Thunders [~VT~] vs [evil-Spartans][ViRuS-eSports]
Es wird auf jeden Fall spannend und ein toller CW !

Erstmal ein Großes Lob an [Gn|X] GeNeTiiX-eSport. dass wir es in beiden Cups so weit geschafft haben und hoffentlich noch weiter kommen und das Ding mit nach Hause nehmen ! smiling

Freundliche Grüße

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#485 von 18.05.2013 - 18:16
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This was our 1st time at the restaurant but won be our final a couple of words: good service, they don rush you, 10% off your check Nike Air Max 2013 if you pay in cash, and chicken waffles on the menu. We had been all sold. When we could no longer bear enjoying our mimosas indoors, we ventured out to the nearby home of a single girl from our group to play bags in the street (and sun) all afternoon.
lululemon is a favorite
"I was asked to BEND Over Jordan 1 Black Toe in order to decide sheerness. The sales associate then perused my butt in the dim lighting of the adjust Nike Free Run 3 True Religion Outlet room and deemed them 'not sheer,'" 1 client wrote on Lululemon Athletica's Facebook page on March 19. "I known as the GEC to confirm this is their protocol, and they verified that yes, the 'educators' will verify sheerness by asking the client to bend over.".
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#484 von 18.05.2013 - 18:03
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So believe workhorse, not racehorse, when picking out a bike for your commute. Tellier started with a standard nofrills bike, but upgraded immediately after a year. Now she considering Nike Air Max 2013 of going back to an affordable bike that she doesn have to fuss over or worry about highly-priced Jordan 1 Black Toe elements..
Yesterday we had the nicest temp day of 2013 in Chicago, so naturally it referred to as for in search of out a lunch solution that was a bit further away from our workplace than normal in order to extend our midday sun exposure as extended as achievable. With out a question, my coworker Autumn and I decided to head to Grahamwich, 1 of my favourite spots (Graham Elliot waldorf chicken sandwich is the best I ever had, hands down). In the course of previous visits I admired the magical courtyard garden that lies beyond the communal table in the back of the restaurant, but yesterday was the initially True Religion Outlet time I basically headed outside to love my meal (and great conversation) amongthe lush grounds.
have been mentally and physical rested
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#483 von 18.05.2013 - 15:06
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This post is on the money. As a Gen Yer myself I care about effect much more than something. Money's nice but myself and many of my mates have turned down offers paying significantly extra since Nike Air Max 2013 we felt we were a much better 'fit' for a different organization that genuinely seemed to want to challenge us..
This was our very first time at the restaurant but won be our last a few Jordan 1 Black Toe words: fantastic service, they don rush you, ten% off your check if you pay in cash, and chicken waffles on the menu. We had been all sold. When we could no longer bear enjoying our mimosas indoors, we ventured out to the nearby house of 1 girl from our group to play bags in the street (and sun) all afternoon.
Fortunately, there was some relief. The subsequent day 1 of the teachers began his class by holding up a statue of Krishna, stating: adore this statue but not enough to put it on a swing and play with it or bathe it every night. The closest I been to enlightenment is getting my son.
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#482 von 18.05.2013 - 15:03
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Sunday, May perhaps 20: 9 AMNoon will be the introduction to Mysore yoga. This style orginated in Mysore, India and is exclusive Nike Air Max 2013 in a couple of Cheap Foamposites methods: it is led by the teacher, but geared to the individual's needs. "Throughout Mysore classes, the student works individually, with guidance and adjustments from a teacher on the Ashtanga series of postures.
Specialized is no stranger to supporting top Jordan 5 Black Grape cycling teams. Lululemon athletica tends to make yoga and running garments, maybe they strategy to expand into cycling apparel? Lululemon athletica's mission statement is: "Generating Nike Free Run 3 elements for folks to reside longer, healthier, a lot more exciting lives."Specialized has a longstanding commitment to women's cycling, getting sponsored some of the finest female athletes in the globe over the years and dedicating vast resources into women's certain goods "We're seriously excited to put our name behind these remarkable athletes with an inspiring business like lululemon that tends to make the finest women's athletic apparel in the world.
my pants are all faded and my shirts are all stretched out and just icky
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#481 von 18.05.2013 - 15:00
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Fortunately, there was some relief. The subsequent day one particular of the teachers started his class by holding up a statue of Krishna, stating: love this statue but not sufficient to put it on a swing and play with it or bathe it every night. The closest I been to enlightenment is obtaining my son.
The Shama Yoga Rug is created to help absorbing sweat for a frequent Cheap Foamposites practice either alone or on leading of one more mat those are wonderful uses but this is also fantastic as a meditation mat. At just beneath seven feet extended this may perhaps can be folded more than quite a few times for comfy sitting positions or extended adequate for meditation lying down. The mat is 100 % cotton so it also gives a degree of warmth and comfort compared to a classic yoga mat.
lululemon's luon fabric has a phobia for velcro and many
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#480 von 18.05.2013 - 14:57
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Jerry stated, "I'd really like to do a deal with you. I never Nike Air Max 2013 have anything going on right now other than this corporation known as Lucy." It was a women's yogawear company based Jordan 1 Black Toe in Portland, Oregon. He asked me to look at it to see if I wanted to invest, so I got on a plane and went to a couple of retailers..
Lululemon Athletica tripped over the cobra position and watched its stock fall like a terrible warrior this week, right after complaints that its yoga pants lost colour and turned transparent. And all this immediately after complaints last year that the colors on the pants bled onto shirts. In response, the business True Religion Outlet has pulled the pants from retailers and is supplying client refunds.
consuming half a banana or a cup of applesauce for a preclass energy
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#479 von 18.05.2013 - 14:53
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An ABC's juju Chang. The most recent fashion statement involved sweat that actually make you sweat. Greatest workout that tends to make look and feel.
it is challenging to obtain great exercise clothes for the larger woman. I really like nike's bootcut capri exercise pants, but man are they pricey! $50 a pop, but they last. I often workout in capri's, entirely can not do the shorts with my thunder thighs, and I consider they are somewhat flattering.
Reporter: Buyers Jordan 1 Black Toe became furious when they discovered they'd been carrying out Jordan 5 Black Grape downward dogs and baring all to their fellow yeeg ganistas. A single tweeting I am speechless. Another Nike Free Run 3 woman saying "yoga fail." A girl in my yoga class did not get the lululemon seethrough pants memo.
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#478 von 18.05.2013 - 13:10
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The other two are greater, but as the realities of breastfeeding turn into additional clear, I know I made a mistake by not going even larger than I did. And you may possibly as nicely purchase nursing bras. I really purchased maternity underwear.
Mar 28 01:04 PMmust be an investment banking deal there somewhere junk bonds probably for doomed overseas expansion intriguing that a neutral rating comes with a 15% stock improve target. and their 225 cinch target remind me so significantly of 2000 exactly where each day Jordan 5 Black Grape Henry Blodgett or Mary What's her face would throw out new targets on profitless organizations. Mary Meeker I believe.
Recognized as the "Sport of Fitness," CrossFit has grown from a tiny niche into a global fitness revolution. Thousands of dedicated CrossFit gyms have opened about the planet, and the annual Games are broadcast on tv Nike Free Run 3 each summer time. The workouts are an intense mishmash of fullbody functional movements, and you are going to seldom do the exact same issue additional than when.
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#477 von 18.05.2013 - 12:51
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The yoga she recalls from the 1960s and grew out of the counterculture movement infatuation with Eastern philosophies. It was a time when Indian swamis who embraced yoga as a complete spiritual practice have been opening ashrams in the United States, and yoga was embraced by seekers, intellectuals, Woodstock attendees, and a wide wide variety Nike Air Max 2013 of Omchanters. just employed the floor, stated Walden.
made use of to fit
Physical exercise ought to not just be physical but mental, and by means of this easy idea we all turn into one wholesome neighborhood Cheap Foamposites in unison. Its no wonder Lulu's company's IPO stock has soared in the NASDAQ since Jordan 1 Black Toe it went public, "Shares of Lululemon Athletica Inc. shot up on Nasdaq on Friday, the day of the initial public offering Jordan 5 Black Grape Nike Free Run 3." This is a true testament that the stock market place True Religion Outlet doesn't just predict customer spending in the present financial state but it also solidifies a communal ideology in consumerism: a genuine reflection of the public's feelings towards wellness and fitness..
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#476 von 18.05.2013 - 12:30
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Dissimilar to well-known suppliers which sell heavy largesized boots for girls,Jordans On Sale this certain technician trainer stash right Cheap Foamposites from English varies. It depends relating to the predicament to be certain the promoting cost estimation is not obtainable Jordan 1 Black Toe from the business enterprise. It again actually functions Jordan 5 Black Grape a footwear targeted with regard to This difficulty: the modern day Sense of balance Movements Power Blackjack shoe.
Do not will need our technical specifications. Which appears like a good way of saying private components could be exposed. By the weekend of march 16 a vital True Religion Outlet decision we pulled all of the impacted black a single women's bottoms from our shops.
confident how it happened
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#475 von 18.05.2013 - 12:22
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I've witnessed the corporation partake in numerous charities, and managers have allowed me to use their retailers to hold fundraising events, with the one requirement that 100% of dollars raised had to go to the selected charity. And even though a lot of folks complain about the "$90 yoga pants," I have 4 Cheap Foamposites pairs. Two are six years old and look and function like new.
Possibly right after lunch at college, grab a piece of mint gum or a breath mint if you had tuna. That will assistance a lot! If you have some perfume or physique mist, you could spray some in the morning as well! Guys really like to smell girls, so enjoy that!Show him your hidden talent. Enter a talent show.
Yogi and Emmy Awardwinning filmmaker Arthur Klein spent six years producing Nike Free Run 3 his motivating documentary. In the 88minute film, Klein interviews a diverse group of yoga teachers and their students. He sends his camera to Iraq with wrestler/yoga teacher Diamond Web page, talks to a policeman/yogi who patrols the streets of Los Angeles and turns the lens on atrisk young children who attend yoga classes in college..
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#474 von 18.05.2013 - 12:15
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The suspect story terrified residents and merchants in downtown Bethesda, an region of restaurants and highend retailers that has extended been regarded as one of the safest spots in the area Shops moved to set up safety cameras. Private safety guards escorted workers to their automobiles.
The stock is trading soon after earnings at a 33.70 P/E and a 1.29 PEG. It's far more very affordable now but their mishandling of ongoing quality issues and their bizarre "bend over Jordan 5 Black Grape" response can't be denied as motives to be wary. While they have hired a lot more top quality handle personnel, it may well be also tiny, too late.
Gap Inc. has rolled out a chain of shops dubbed Athleta with their own yoga classes and feminine vibe. Foot Locker Inc., too, has been toying with how to remake its ladies chain, Lady Foot Locker, far more in the Lulu mold..
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#473 von 18.05.2013 - 12:11
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primarily based on assets and liabilities that are cited in broad ranges
If it brings guilt. If it tends to make your life challenging to personal it. RETURN IT!. An ABC's juju Chang. The latest fashion statement involved sweat that literally make you sweat. Biggest exercise that tends to make appear and feel.
An additional constant Jordan 5 Black Grape: the sweaty smell! Each studio has a soft carpet, which is far more forgiving to joints than hardwood floors. "These days quite a few studios have an antibacterial carpet that gets cleaned regularly," assures Maria McBride, owner and founder of Bikram Yoga Natick in Massachusetts and Lululemon Athletica ambassador. "So if it stinks when you walk in that's superior! It is not dirt, but just sweat, which is what we want," she says..
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#472 von 18.05.2013 - 12:06
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If you have attempted workout or sports bras by any of the other key sports bra manufactures but are not satisfied, then I suggest you make the switch. It accounts for more than 18% of substance abuse treatment admissions, following only to al . That is why it is crucial Cheap Foamposites that we are all present in our offices.
four. Lululemon Sues And Settles With Calvin Klein. Yoga pants are a hot commodity these days, one particular Jordan 1 Black Toe that is apparently worth filing a lawsuit more than. Chantal: "Okay, subsequent is darks, like our tshirts and other stuff. That gets washed in cold. So do our jeans.
If you go for a vintage (as opposed to retro) bag, do not make my error: I not too long ago got a nice old Adidas health club bag, and got a week of love Nike Free Run 3 out of it ahead of the old vinyl handles busted off. Turns out old vinyl is real stretchy. Frick..
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#471 von 18.05.2013 - 11:54
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Clusters of canopies formed by our over 3 million old and fresh trees act as portals to the lots of green spaces exactly where vacationers gaze and appreciate nature. Toronto is like New York, run by the Swiss. Indeed, this is a major Cheap Foamposites, wonderful, and efficient city, with its colourful ethnic mix, wealthy history, and breathtaking architecture, Toronto is a nonstop adventure, from the top rated of the CN Tower to as far as the eye can see..
have to have to clear if it wants
Annapolis Athletic Club situated at 1031 Bay Ridge Avenue is a breath of organized health club membership air. The space is open and inviting as are all the people Jordan 5 Black Grape Indoor cycling, Zumba, group energy True Religion Outlet and Pilates are just some of the classes they have readily available.
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#470 von 18.05.2013 - 11:47
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Verify with other Bay Region Lululemon areas for their weekly classes. Verify his Web web page for information. "I send an e mail blast the day just before, and up to 200 folks have shown up with yoga mats in hand or prepared to use one particular I brought along just in case," Wells says.
1 woman, who was a loyal consumer to this brand of yoga attire, was so disappointed that she vows to shop Target for her yoga pants from now on. Eva Glettner of Los Angeles mentioned you expect to get high-quality Cheap Foamposites for that price and has decided the yoga pants at Target for just $30 is a better buy and they keep you covered. Girls should not have to worry True Religion Outlet about your rearend getting exposed after paying that type of cash for high quality apparel..
make her runs a delight
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#469 von 18.05.2013 - 11:46
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Is it seriously worth it to carry that massive roll about your shoulder, on the train, to and from function, just to stay away from paying an further dollar or two for a mat rental at yoga tonight? It really is accurate, the small dollars here and there add up, but nowadays Jordan 1 Black Toe it's easy to prevent bulk and save your back with a travel mat. And becoming that it really is holiday season, bringing a mat with you on Winter trip makes it substantially Nike Free Run 3 far more True Religion Outlet probably that you will place forward the work to practice a couple rounds of Surya Namaskara in your hotel space. So leave behind a sweater or two although traveling this year and rather, pack one particular of these super lightweight mats..
operate to dinner or use while
This is simply because you get to see the product prior to you spend the seller. You know exactly what you are acquiring. If for some explanation when you go to choose up the item and it is not exactly what you agreed to buy you can often change your thoughts..
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#468 von 18.05.2013 - 11:37
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Their products answer women's interests and suit women's bodies with revolutionary styles that skew slightly significantly less highly-priced than lululemon's inventory. With the shop, Athleta will be in a position to promote its exceptional designs with greater persuasion, and obtain buyer Nike Air Max 2013 immersion into their brand that they've previously lacked. The retailer is stunning, the aesthetic refreshing, and the merchandise already has a devoted fan base..
or inclination to make fitness my numberone priority
it is exciting just the very same Jordan 5 Black Grape. If you are looking for a thing Nike Free Run 3 fun and funky that showcases ethnic food and music. this is the festival for you.
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#467 von 18.05.2013 - 11:34
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identified as 30yearold jayna t
To preserve the worth of your original buy Nike Air Max 2013, as lengthy as you maintain a receipt (which is easy to do when getting on-line), yoga clothing enthusiasts hunting for a new brand can buy one particular pair of pants and actually exchange that pair of pants for as lengthy as the firm exists.Snag your pants on a fence though on a hike? Spill coffee on your pants when in a rush to the health club? Had a dryer mishap that shrunk your pants like you did not expect Maybe the pants are just old and not fitting like they did when you very first got them.If you mail your pants back to Below Armour and fill out their returns kind Jordan 5 Black Grape, they will replace them with out Nike Free Run 3 question for one more style at present out there. The procedure takes about two to 3 weeks. It actually performs.When Below Armour may perhaps not inspire addict blogs, its return policy alone tends to make it a reputable alternative for girls who are thinking about switching which brands they put on in shavasana in the wake of the seethrough controversy..
In 4 years her spunky retail style website has streaked across the Net, pushing new methods to sell trendy but inexpensive clothing. The organization is on its way to quadrupling sales this year to $128 million, racking up gross margins of more than 60%, up there with retail most profitable ventures. Nasty Gal has done this with pretty tiny advertising and practically no in an sector forced to succumb to daily dealmaking.
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#466 von 18.05.2013 - 11:24
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As temperatures spike, bikini bodies are becoming bared as DC attempts to catch a break from the heat (or possibly just a tan). If your bikini physique is more bounce than brawn, verify out Georgetown's Wholesome Days of Summer season Nike Air Max 2013. This monthlong occasion will be offering insight on Georgetown's nutritious dining and advertising the neighborhood's plethora of outdoor activities all through July.
The next point I hate most is automatically comparing an upandcomer with the industry leader with out regard to all the other players in amongst. Beneath Armour has grown their major and bottom lines extremely effectively considering that inception, but its revenues are nonetheless 1/14 of Nike (NKE). To put Jordan 5 Black Grape into point of view, the 9.7% income development Nike Free Run 3 portion of Nike final year was bigger than the complete annual revenue of Beneath Armour regardless of its 38.four% development.
Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto to the lakeside charm. The Center Island is one particular of a series of little islands that comprise the largest urban carfree community in North America. Centre Island, also named Toronto Island, offers a place to tourists True Religion Outlet that travel taking Low-priced Flights to Toronto for recreation and relaxation and capabilities an amusement park, recreation places, beaches, a yacht club, and restaurants.
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