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02.04.2013 - 15:49
AeS-Cup steht vor de..
21.02.2013 - 09:57
CoD4 Cup-CW vs JoKeR
10.02.2013 - 22:25
2 neue Ligen in der ..
10.02.2013 - 21:56
Black Ops 2 - Commun..
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BO2 15.07.2013
GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
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GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
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GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Elite Revolutionists


Clan-News  Zwischenstand im BO2-Cup und CoD4 Cup !

Nach dem Aus vieler Teams im BO2-Community-Cup, hatte es unsere Gruppe besonders getroffen !
In unserer Gruppe A sind wir am Anfang mit 7 Teams gestartet und haben im Endeffekt 1 Spiel gemacht, welches wir
klar gewonnen haben ! Somit sind wir Platz 1. in der Gruppe A und souverän in die KO-Phase gekommen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe A] -

In der Round of 32, waren unsere Gegner [D4mZ] Death-Amigoz.
Round of 32 -
Sie wurden nachnominiert und konnten ihre Chance leider nicht wahrnehmen. Sie sagten das Spiel gegen uns ab und
wir bekamen einen Def.-Win und sind somit im Achtelfinale.

Da wir in diesem Cup nur Los-Pech oder Los-Glück haben, wie man es auch immer nennen möchte, haben wir im
Achtelfinale mal wieder ein Freilos, warum auch immer.
Achtelfinale - http://s1.directupload...e/d/3212/kqipa98h_png.htm

Somit sind wir vorzeitig schon im Viertelfinale und werden dort auf den Maps Hijacked und Overflow. Unsere
möglicher Gegner ist entweder German-Squad oder Six-RockZ-eSports

Auf gehts Jungs - Wir holen uns den Cup ! smiling

Im CoD4 - Back to the Roots - Cup, gibt es auch nur gute Ergebnisse zu verbuchen !
Als wir am Anfang unsere Gruppe C angeschaut haben, war uns allen klar, dass es mit Abstand die schwierigste Gruppe sein wird !
Mit 3 Siegen und 1 Niederlage, haben wir Platz 2. in der Gruppe C erreicht und sind somit in Viertelfinale eingezogen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe C] -
Es sind viele tolle CW's enstanden und durch Baz1nga eine tolle Cup-Organisation zu stande kam !
Auch toll ist es zusehen, dass es soviele Clans gibt, die sich nochmal zusammen finden um bei diesen legendäre Spiel CoD4 mitzuspielen. smiling

Im Viertelfinale gegen Love-2-Trolling, dem Platz 1. der Gruppe D, gewannen wir auf Verwuchert 12:10 und Angriff 12:8 !
Viertelfinale -

Unser Gegner im Halbfinale wird der Sieger aus diesem Spiel - Vanilla-Thunders [~VT~] vs [evil-Spartans][ViRuS-eSports]
Es wird auf jeden Fall spannend und ein toller CW !

Erstmal ein Großes Lob an [Gn|X] GeNeTiiX-eSport. dass wir es in beiden Cups so weit geschafft haben und hoffentlich noch weiter kommen und das Ding mit nach Hause nehmen ! smiling

Freundliche Grüße

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#465 von 18.05.2013 - 11:16
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Aside from body odor the next purpose I would not want to be observed soon after teaching hot yoga is my hair. Just after a tough exercise my hair is sweaty, kinked and matted to my head far from desirable. Dry shampoo is one of my most effective friends.
These bras are designed to be extremely breathable by enabling for lots of ventilation, another purpose why you keep drying through your workout. The liners of the Lululemon bras are incredibly soft and are developed to minimize, if not do away with, chafing. Also, they are tagless so you never Nike Free Run 3 have to worry about irritating the skin on your back.
1 highlight that all Lululemon places supply each neighborhood are no cost weekly yoga class that enables prospects to put they are bought goods to use. This is a way for their employees to create a stronger relationship with their buyers. These relationships enable the retail locations to offer True Religion Outlet outstanding feedback to their corporate office in Vancouver, BC where all of their internship opportunities take spot.
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#464 von 18.05.2013 - 11:08
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match my fat feet
I was standing in line at the Apple shop, we saw the poor girl come out, in the stretcher, looked badly bruised and beaten with blood on her face. But she was alive, thank God. didn take lengthy Nike Air Max 2013 for the complete block to get the yellow crime scene tape treatment, and for television news photographers to assemble outdoors the perimeter.
Mary Ellen Mark talks about her time in India photographing the circus as properly as her operate Jordan 1 Black Toe with some of Hollywood's greatest talents like Marlon Brando and Dennis Hopper. Capture with Mark Seliger is a fresh and informative appear at the art of photography and the stories behind the images. The sample sale will feature Jordan 5 Black Grape Nike Free Run 3 an assortment of specially priced women's and men's jewelry, timepieces and eyewear..
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#463 von 18.05.2013 - 10:44
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operating gear they have ever worn
I would be far better Nike Air Max 2013 to location your points in a separate bag. a series of buttons on the groin area) as a replacement for zipper. It might Jordan 1 Black Toe seem like extra time for you to lock your pant, but it prevents wearers from the humiliating openzipper moments offered Jordan 5 Black Grape that most of them will be dancing..
The black yoga pants are in particular beloved, with reviewers generally going to ecstatic lengths to describe their charms. For active women, they're practically as ubiquitous as jeans worn not just to the gym but also to the grocery shop and the workplace. Some think the pants have nearmagical powers to suction in tummies and thighs like Spanx, but a lot more comfortable..
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#462 von 18.05.2013 - 10:41
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House of Cards is a fantastic inside joke it IS netflix. Netflix = Blockbuster, everybody will have streaming content material and Netflix then has to be the genius production property Nike Air Max 2013 that beats everybody Cheap Foamposites else that is not in Reed Hastings' qualifications or history he is a promoter devoid of a killer app. And the Disney deal benefits? Disney Netflix requires their blessing way far more than vice versa.
I spent the morning with my superior pal and fitness guru Jay Cardiello. We did not run six miles or share a kale smoothie, but rather Jordan 1 Black Toe Jordan 5 Black Grape we just talked. When a super goaloriented particular person like me falls short of good results, it really is a horrible and stressful feelinga feeling that typically leads me to poor food alternatives.
Wednesday, Oct. 28th Lululemon SoHo (481 Broadway, south of Broome Street) will host a premarathon celebration. Runners will appreciate food and beverages, as effectively as motivating stories to inspire them in their race.
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#461 von 18.05.2013 - 10:38
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The great news is that with a tiny creativity and flexibility, people can still catch a break when organizing their subsequent winter adventure. are some superb destinations that offer you the same wonderful ski conditions at the far more common spots like Aspen and Vail, but at a fraction of the cost. You just have to know exactly where to appear Nike Air Max 2013.
Take the oneway shuttle to the Art Institute, Navy Pier, the John Hancock Center and Museum Campus. There is totally free WiFi, and the inhouse Brasserie by LM gives Planfriendly products like an eggwhite omelet and salmon with citrus vinaigrette. From $89..
Young businesses are like youngsters. Over time, they grow Jordan 5 Black Grape up and never demand as considerably outdoors involvement. The final issue I want to do is give guidance Nike Free Run 3 to individuals who no longer need True Religion Outlet it.
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#460 von 18.05.2013 - 10:36
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But the beauty of a stationary bike is that the music is loud and you can close your eyes if you want Nike Air Max 2013 to. That escape tends to make it as good for your head as your physique. In some cases I hit the bike jetlagged or furious, hungover or heartbroken, normally climbing off in a better state..
It's not men they are attempting to impress with their highend workout garb, Enterprise Insider says it is other females. A poll of British females performed final summer season supports this claim. Twothirds of more than two,000 participants in between the ages of 18 and 30 claimed they care far significantly less about impressing the males in their lives with their sartorial choices Jordan 5 Black Grape Nike Free Run 3.
Building a each day gratitude practice is a very simple way to strengthen your outlook on life. The Gratitude Journal makes it straightforward to note five factors you are grateful for every day. You can also attach a photo to every everyday entry and retain track of the location True Religion Outlet and climate, providing you a total journal you can appear back by way of when you need to have an attitude adjustment..
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#459 von 18.05.2013 - 10:34
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Word to the smart: Sunday mornings generally concentrate on longer, slower runs, whilst Wednesdays are typically shorter and faster. Uncover your neighborhood Running Room here.2. Nike Runner LoungeA refreshing take on trybeforeyoubuy, the Runner Lounge supplies athletes with a opportunity to test drive clothing, footwear and the latest in Nike+ technology.
Considering the fact that December 31, 2008, I have walked a half an hour a day. While Jordan 1 Black Toe quite a few Americans do this much and additional, I've challenged myself to obtain a new location to do so each twentyfour hours. Once more, a single Jordan 5 Black Grape might Nike Free Run 3 recommend that such a move is not so noteworthy, but there are two catches.
make workouts more
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#458 von 18.05.2013 - 10:07
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There's a chill in the air this morning and it might just blow through these teeny tiny and now seethrough yoga pants. Lulu lemon, the maker of highend yoga gear is recalling a whole batch of them mainly because they're also sheer. Now, there is a shortage of yoga pants and I know this sounds like a joke but for white folks it isn't a joke.
LululemonKnown for its yoga togs, the Canadian firm, Lululemon, has invested time and study into cultivating their operating Jordan 5 Black Grape line. They have furthered this commitment by providing run clubs by means of most of their store places. As some retailers are education for certain races, it is important to ask what the group goals True Religion Outlet ahead of showing up to run.
by way of when you travel with flights to toronto
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#457 von 18.05.2013 - 10:05
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We do a combination of sale products, thrift shopping, remaking old clothes into new ones, and just producing stuff. $312 purchased all three of my kids their complete spring and summer season wardrobes (like Nike Air Max 2013 all their riding gear, rain gear, camping stuff, and church garments), numerous patterns that will final for yet another 45 years (and some that match both my daughter and I that I can use even longer), 9 balls of wool for the fall/winter's scarves/hats/mitts, a new purse for me, 2 Cheap Foamposites new halters for the horses, 1 lead rope, and a bunch of fruit bushes (which is what they wanted to invest the rest of the money on). If you can't afford it.
The downside of the Two to Make it True jacket is the center zipper. Most of the purchasers would purchase this expensive jacket because Jordan 5 Black Grape of the guarantee that it is fantastic and worth every buck. Having said that, the center zipper is not seamless.
General, should really Nike Free Run 3 you are actually looking to acquire some thing on the net nonetheless you are not certain ought to you can surely get a discount, preserve in mind that there are a lot of discounts there is on the net. As lengthy due to the fact we remain individual and in addition you focus on becoming capable to utilize these codes, you are going to be it step closer in order to shopping for that you item you may possibly have normally wanted. The process is truly not which hard, basically simply because extended due to the fact we take the time plus look for all those discount codes plus lululemon coupon onlines.
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#456 von 18.05.2013 - 10:02
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no cost weekly yoga class that enables customers
no denying that the major Nike Air Max 2013 resorts got big for a reason: most of them are wonderful. But heading to the mountain for winter enjoyment should not Cheap Foamposites mean emptying your bank account. So take the time to search out areas that offer you an general fantastic worth and you are going to be confident to obtain some powdery hot spots that nonetheless give pristine conditions for these on a price range.
7. Lisa Tant: From Flare To Holt RenfrewIn an additional surprising fashion media move, Flare's EditorinChief was shuffled sideways into the role of publisher at Hello! a single week soon after Jordan 5 Black Grape she tweeted a photo of an embargoed bottle of Lady Gaga's new perfume. Three months later, she left Hello! and became Holt Renfrew's first ever VicePresident, Style Editor.
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#455 von 18.05.2013 - 10:00
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chip retained the rest
I named Karen Grajwer back in Lexington and said, "Coldcall this enterprise." She did and told them, "Tom Stemberg of Staples has joined us. We believe we can assistance you guys develop." Ultimately, she got by way of to Chip Wilson, Lululemon's founder. "You know, I've basically been trying to purchase Stemberg's book," he stated, referring to Staples for Success, the book we published on the 10th anniversary of Staples.
Interestingly, the less Jordan 1 Black Toe healthful stuff like the cheese balls and desserts weren't really popular. This is negative due to the fact we now have like 30 peanut butter cups in the property True Religion Outlet (and they're so fantastic). But the party was exciting, our friends brought their tiny babies, and we got to see lots of folks we do not see adequate..
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#454 von 18.05.2013 - 09:56
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be concerned about things
Not absolutely everyone desires to put on a "Large Snatch" shirt when they are going to brunch with Mom and Dad, but perhaps they don want to get all dressed up either. This notion led to the "Rest Day" line. Think of it as lululemon for folks who really give a shit about their wallets.
As a outcome, the corporation Cheap Foamposites moved away from discounting merchandise, an in the last reported quarter, gross margin was up four percentage points to 41%. The accomplishment of the rebranding also meant that Old Navy became extra Jordan 5 Black Grape differentiated. That resulted in the biggest revenue Nike Free Run 3 raise across the 3 brands, with thirdquarter income up 9% on comparablestore sales of 9%..
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#453 von 18.05.2013 - 09:22
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If you prioritize discretion, you can pick and spend for your sex toys on-line, where there are extra options available. You can also obtain costumes online to improve Air Jordan 1 Black Toe your function Jordan 1 Black Toe-playing, but make positive that your physique measurements are updated. Finally, scented candles, massage oils and lubricating gels can take your lovemaking to new heights of pleasure..
Platinum high-quality Jordan 1 is graded by content material. The only metal in the United States of America that may possibly Jordan 1 2013 Jordan Retro 1 be marketed and sold as platinum must carry a Hallmark of 950 or above. A Hallmark less than 950 should also include Cheap Jordan 1 the alloy.
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#452 von 18.05.2013 - 09:19
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Over time, even the best footwear will shed Air Jordan 1 Black Toe their cushioning and stiffness and will not support you as properly as they should really Jordan 1 Black Toe. It should Jordan 1 not be used as a substitute for qualified healthcare tips, diagnosis or therapy. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation.
Snapfish: Yet another absolutely free web page that permits you to upload, edit, and organize your pictures how you see match. Share your photographs with your loved ones by sending them an invitation to turn out to be a free of charge member of Snapfish and then they will be able Jordan 1 2013 Jordan Retro 1 to view at their leisure. If you get confused, never be concerned, the internet site is extremely quick to use and has many Cheap Jordan 1 interactive tools to aid you out along the way...
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#451 von 18.05.2013 - 09:16
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web page airfarewatchdog recently
I feel like I live in the districts of the damned, both on the state and federal level. Definitely Air Jordan 1 Black Toe Jordan 1 Black Toe it is the districts of the duped. Tailor produced Jordan 1 for do nothing Jordan 1 2013 Jordan Retro 1 politicians like bachmann, hackbarth, jungbauer.
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#450 von 18.05.2013 - 09:13
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A lot has changed considering that the final time you bought a residence. There are now tools and information accessible on line that did not exist even a couple of years ago. Everyone knows you can search for residences Air Jordan 1 Black Toe on the web, but now it is simpler than ever to come across your dream household.
has recognized the viability of natural gas for a segment of the trucking population, Howell said Jordan 1 Black Toe for the duration of a panel discussion on all-natural Jordan 1 gas. are searching at developing Jordan 1 2013 an LNG corridor from Halifax to Montreal, and potentially further Jordan Retro 1 into Quebec and Ontario. We see this as a crucial cog in creating this whole factor Cheap Jordan 1 operate..
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#449 von 18.05.2013 - 09:10
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If you program on dressing in formal wear fairly consistently, you could Air Jordan 1 Black Toe also want to contemplate Jordan 1 Black Toe a blue blazer. A blue blazer is a (dark blue) sport coat that you can dress up or dress down, based on the occasion. Put on with jeans and you happen to be casual but nonetheless dapper.
In fact Jordan 1, the stock ticker cost is the last reported sale, but maybe a better gauge of what stocks are worth at any offered instant are the prices persons are prepared to spend to get the stock (the bid) and the rates Jordan 1 2013 that people today who personal the stock are prepared to sell them at (the ask). when news comes out, particularly just after markets have closed, the final trade price tag frequently isn indicative it a historical number Jordan Retro 1 and gets stale. The bid and the ask are existing Cheap Jordan 1.
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#448 von 17.05.2013 - 08:53
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isabel marant because the size is the only difference in the clothes,isabelle marant sneakers
This was just when news about Abu Ghraib was breaking,boots isabel marant, and one of the caketops featured a groom on all fours in supplicant position, with his bride holding a leash connected to a chain around his neck. When I pointed out that it was an Abu Ghraib caketop to a group of ladies looking at the cake tops,,,, I received totally blank stares,sneaker isabel marant, because nothing pierces the wedding fog. Nothing.).
Luxuriate or rough it out, depending on what you think will go down well. "My pals and I took off on a road trip to the East Coast. The hours spent on the road gave us plenty of time to dig up old memories and make new ones," says Amanda Lee, 27,, a marketing executive.

#447 von 16.05.2013 - 14:22
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That is a job of the arranged mafia cartel joined with exceedingly impressive oligarchs of your US authorities.
You will find a masterful see of Christo and JeanneClaude's 2005 "Gates" undertaking in Central Park spotted from your west and an inside from your Louis Vuitton Building up researching up 57th Street.
one of the wealthiest metropolitan areas within the world is thought globe wide for multi million greenback mansions
Since this primary line DKNY have expanded having a amount of diffusion brands that come with DKNY Denims and DKNY menswear.



#446 von Xaria 14.05.2013 - 10:13
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I like tha game.. tha nigga is nice.. n he is tha main face of westcoast right now… BUT…jay aint respondin to these niggaz cuz they aint relevant… JIM JONES- a fuckin clown… music is horrible… niggaz talk bout hov look like a camel… i personally think its kinda gay to judge other men but wateva that might juss be me… but Camel Face and all.. Bottom line Jay bagged BEYONCE.. tha bitch eery man wuld gladly marry them damselves( if u say no u must be eitha gay.. or seriously in denial) DEHAVEN- jay bodied em in one line “fuck dehaven… made men aint posed to make statements”- reel niggaz kno wat that mean… DAME- stupid career move on his part by pickin dipset ova hov… juss stupid.. n GAME- homes is seriously bipolar… i forgot wen but i herd tha game say he wuld neva take shots at legends n shit… he talkin bout some 400 bars… i aint tryna hear 400 bars… Jay dnt need 400 bars… juss look at tha takova and supaugly… Jay bodied dipset witout sayin they name… damn near ended prodigy n them career… n lets be honest hiphop… them niggaz is pretty irrelevant right now too… im hopin for tha takeover 2… COME ON JAY.. RIP THESE FUCKIN CLOWNS MAN.. haha

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