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21.02.2013 - 09:57
CoD4 Cup-CW vs JoKeR
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BO2 15.07.2013
GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
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GENETiiX GHOSTS vs. Limited eSports
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Clan-News  Zwischenstand im BO2-Cup und CoD4 Cup !

Nach dem Aus vieler Teams im BO2-Community-Cup, hatte es unsere Gruppe besonders getroffen !
In unserer Gruppe A sind wir am Anfang mit 7 Teams gestartet und haben im Endeffekt 1 Spiel gemacht, welches wir
klar gewonnen haben ! Somit sind wir Platz 1. in der Gruppe A und souverän in die KO-Phase gekommen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe A] -

In der Round of 32, waren unsere Gegner [D4mZ] Death-Amigoz.
Round of 32 -
Sie wurden nachnominiert und konnten ihre Chance leider nicht wahrnehmen. Sie sagten das Spiel gegen uns ab und
wir bekamen einen Def.-Win und sind somit im Achtelfinale.

Da wir in diesem Cup nur Los-Pech oder Los-Glück haben, wie man es auch immer nennen möchte, haben wir im
Achtelfinale mal wieder ein Freilos, warum auch immer.
Achtelfinale - http://s1.directupload...e/d/3212/kqipa98h_png.htm

Somit sind wir vorzeitig schon im Viertelfinale und werden dort auf den Maps Hijacked und Overflow. Unsere
möglicher Gegner ist entweder German-Squad oder Six-RockZ-eSports

Auf gehts Jungs - Wir holen uns den Cup ! smiling

Im CoD4 - Back to the Roots - Cup, gibt es auch nur gute Ergebnisse zu verbuchen !
Als wir am Anfang unsere Gruppe C angeschaut haben, war uns allen klar, dass es mit Abstand die schwierigste Gruppe sein wird !
Mit 3 Siegen und 1 Niederlage, haben wir Platz 2. in der Gruppe C erreicht und sind somit in Viertelfinale eingezogen.
Gruppenphase [Gruppe C] -
Es sind viele tolle CW's enstanden und durch Baz1nga eine tolle Cup-Organisation zu stande kam !
Auch toll ist es zusehen, dass es soviele Clans gibt, die sich nochmal zusammen finden um bei diesen legendäre Spiel CoD4 mitzuspielen. smiling

Im Viertelfinale gegen Love-2-Trolling, dem Platz 1. der Gruppe D, gewannen wir auf Verwuchert 12:10 und Angriff 12:8 !
Viertelfinale -

Unser Gegner im Halbfinale wird der Sieger aus diesem Spiel - Vanilla-Thunders [~VT~] vs [evil-Spartans][ViRuS-eSports]
Es wird auf jeden Fall spannend und ein toller CW !

Erstmal ein Großes Lob an [Gn|X] GeNeTiiX-eSport. dass wir es in beiden Cups so weit geschafft haben und hoffentlich noch weiter kommen und das Ding mit nach Hause nehmen ! smiling

Freundliche Grüße

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Moonraker is filled with such moments but the worst has to be the gondola chase. It ends with Bond flicking a switch and turning his boat into a hovercraft to evade some hired goons. He scoots across St Mark's Square to the sounds of Strauss as onlookers drop jaws in disbelief.
She had the honor of arriving last night to the amfAR Cinema Against Aids Gala in $200,000 footwear and earrings. Both the footwear and earrings had been later auctioned off to a private bidder. The model wore an ostrich plume powder blue dress that was strapless.Related articles:


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Program for delays and interruptions. Work in some "down time" between meetings. To whatever True Religion Brand Jeans extent you have handle over your calendar, take advantage.. In addition, be wary when shopping from mobile devices, considering that they typically True Religion Sale lack anti-virus computer software. Safety firm BitDefender reports that shopping with mobile devices 6 in 10 shoppers program to do come with a new set of safety challenges, because shortened URLs can far more easily trick shoppers into visiting damaging web sites. Also, public Wi-Fi access is hassle-free, but it can also leave your private Cheap True Religion facts accessible to hackers.Related articles:


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Either way, keep your answer upbeat. When the question is distinct, as on IvyDate, focus on injecting passion into your answer. In this case, attempt discussing a certain charity or displaying a softer side. Finley says that students need to not have a carefree attitude when taking an online course, simply because some may perhaps True Religion Outlet prove to be extra complicated than traditional classes. "In my opinion, I consider online courses are in fact a small tougher," he adds. For students who are considering online courses more than in-class instruction, right here are five recommendations for achievement..
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The plantar fascia is a broad ligament that connects from the heel bone (calcaneous) to the ball of the foot (metatarsals). Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of this tissue. Most plantar fascia pain occurs in the inside aspect of the heel and into the arc location.
Ask yourself if you genuinely love True Religion Outlet what you're undertaking. Burnout sufferers usually really feel that they have chosen the incorrect path. In most cases, it really is just the pressure and exhaustion speaking True Religion Jeans Outlet. Generally clinker boats are planked up more than temporary molds with the frames fitted later. This 1 was done a little differently, frames very first more than a complete jig of molds and ribbands. This speeds issues up if additional Cheap True Religion than one is constructed at a time (we have been building a pair of these), and it also allows for substantially additional precise placing of fastenings and a greater top quality look..
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So he bought 3000 rounds of ammo and a 100 round drum mag. So What? Drum mags are notoriously unreliable (which is why military and police under no circumstances use them). In the end he fired significantly less than 30 rounds from the rifle (significantly less Cheap Foamposites than the capacity of the common Foamposites For Sale mag it came with) prior to it jammed on him..
Moonraker is filled with such moments but the worst has to be the gondola chase. It ends with Bond flicking a switch and turning his boat into a hovercraft to evade some hired goons. He scoots across St Mark's Square to the sounds of Strauss as onlookers drop jaws in disbelief.
She had the honor of arriving last night to the amfAR Cinema Against Aids Gala in $200,000 footwear and earrings. Both the footwear and earrings were later auctioned off to a private bidder. The model wore an ostrich plume powder blue dress that was strapless.Related articles:

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padded terry heels better help downhill running and give comfort during recovery
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of the story appeared in an situation of mcsweeney's magazine in august last year
1 guilty pleasures. More than time, I created a passion for high heels. I have more than a hundred pair of fetish boots and footwear, and quite a few common pairs of high heels as well. This question can be answered by thinking about Lebron10 a couple of issues. How massive is your enterprise? You want to deal with an ad agency that is proportional to your enterprise. Contemplate Cheap Lebron 10 your ambitions.
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Carbonite utilizes a normal approach for restoring files which is activated basically by making use of the restore function in the software's desktop interface. With Mozy Household Cheap Lebron 10, you can restore your files working with Cheap Lebron 9 one of 3 approaches: desktop interface restore, internet restore, and DVD restore. It is also significant to note that with both Carbonite and Mozy House, restoring a big set of data and files can take a whilst so if you have 30GB of data to restore, do not anticipate to have it back on your pc Lebron 9 inside a couple of hours.
2. Stroll a mile in your customer's shoes. Would you want to be treated the way you happen to be treating them? If what you are Lebron 10 doing to your clients makes you queasy and uneasy, that is your instinct telling you that what you happen to be undertaking isn't just and suitable. McGlamry of Hennessey Automobile Cos., which has 11 stores in and about Atlanta, mentioned dealerships should set realistic targets for their F departments, based on whether or not a retail delivery is a loan or a lease. should have a various Lebron 10 For Sale target for leases, he said. do drop the service contract, which is some thing we focus on.
Tony Stark had demons one particular of which (the well-known title assures us) lived in a bottle. And when it all got to be as well a lot for him, his buddy Jim Rhodes donned the Iron Man suit in Iron Man #170. Jim served as Iron Man for practically a decade participating in the Secret Wars, as effectively as several other significant story arcs just before returning the mantle to Stark.Related articles:;topic=29664&page=2;topic=2399&page=2

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